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Last saturday night, I went to concert performed by
Kitsune Akimoto's band "Hz"

Kitsune-san was one of the first person to adjust his
CG animation to the music just in tempo used
Delux Paint and Light Wave on Amiga computer.

And he became famous to create CG animation for "UgoUgoRuga" TV program.
It was for kids but famous artists performed in the show,
Pizzicato Five, JAMIROQUAI ...etc.

The band's performace was the first in 7 years(!) and I enjoyed it.

I could watch another band's performance at The night.
I surprised one of the band's vorcalist used NES Controller as his MICROPHONE !!
I couldn't see well but his controller might be Second one.
( Japanese NES-Famicom had Microphone at only Controller 2.)

The band's name is "Floppy". Check it out!

Kitune-san's Animations

Kitune-san's webpage

Floppy fan site
LED液晶内蔵Head Mount Displayをつけて(前見えない)、


UgoUgoRuga DVD-BOX will be comming soon!

wikipedia:Nintendo Entertainment System

JAMIROQUAI on Japanese TV show

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